The outdoorsman is demanding and accustomed to the wide variety and sophistication of day-time optics. Those expectations are no less demanding in a night vision product. With these expectations in mind, Night Owl Optics set out to design the world’s most refined, ergonomic and high quality Generation-1 night vision products.

Compare the Night Owl Optics binocular and monocular line to any competitive offering.  But before you do, analyze the construction detail; handle the product.   Only then will you understand the difference that the industry’s largest-ever investment in design, production tooling and quality engineering can make.

Whether for the outdoor enthusiastic, a security application or the casual user, notice our attention to detail, performance and quality and see the results of our passion to develop the industry's best. The precision and craftsmanship of our night vision binoculars are unmatched in the industry.



All of our binoculars and monoculars feature an ergonomic lightweight design which is both compact and rugged.